Lifestream Biogenic Aloe Vera Mist

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Aloe Vera has been used for thousands of years to hydrate, soothe and nourish our skin.  Aloe Vera supports the 

delivery of moisture and nutrients to the skin.  The earliest references found are on the walls of temples in Egypt, where mythology suggests that Queens Nefertiti and Cleopatra used Aloe Vera as part of their beauty treatments.

Lifestream Aloe Vera Skin care is made from organically grown plants which are harvested by hand, using only the outer leaves so the plants can continue to grow sustainably.  The fillets of gel are cut from the inside of the leaf by hand and washed to remove the latex.  The pure "inner gel" of the Aloe barbadensis plant contains numerous 

essential minerals, enzymes, vitamins, proteins, amino acids, plus many other active components such as saponins and mucinous polysaccharides (MPS), essential for cell growth and renewal .

Lifestream Aloe Vera Skin Care products can be used for a wide range of nourishing skin support applications including hydrating skin after a shower, as part of your facial skin care regime, as cooling and soothing relief after a day in the sun, and for after shaving.

Lifestream Aloe Vera Mist with herbal infusions

·      Organically grown Aloe Vera – 95%

·      Contains Witch Hazel and herbal extracts of chamomile, cucumber, balm mint

·      Contains Vitamin E for its deep moisturising qualities

·      To Soothe, rehydrate and refresh tired, dry irritated skin

·      Can be used as a facial toner

·      Can be sprayed onto dry hair for hydrating support

·      In a spray bottle for fine application or hard to reach places like your back

·      Keep in the fridge over summer for a cooling hydrating spray

Pack information

Available in 150mL mist spray


 Aloe Vera Mist Ingredient

Lifestream Biogenic Aloe Vera juice95%, Polysorbate 20, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E), Witch hazel extract, Chamomile extract, Cucumber extract, Balm mint extract, Citric acid, Sodium hydroxide, Disodium EDTA, Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate 

directions for use

Spray liberally onto the skin to soothe and cool as required.
Use as a facial toner after cleansing - close your eyes before applying.


Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. 


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